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How to elevate artisan products to a premium brand

Home County Co got in touch for our help to elevate their brand from an artisan offering to that of a heritage-feel, luxury brand. We immersed ourselves in their vision, working closely with the Home County Co team to execute a new brand design including logo, brand guidelines and custom illustrations. We implemented the branding across new, premium product packaging, website, social media and printed communications. Home County Co were absolutely thrilled with the outcome and took the opportunity to initiate a full relaunch of their updated product offering.

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Convey a complex message in a consumer-friendly way

Pyrex UK’s marketing manager approached us aiming to solve a years-old issue for the cookware brand: communicating the benefits of its borosilicate glass, which had fallen flat over her years working with the brand.

We came up with an elegantly simple but highly effective concept, focusing solely on the thermal shock capabilities of the glassware as we felt this was the strongest product feature. We created a simple split screen – on one side, the Pyrex dish in a freezer, on the other side, the same dish in an oven. The freezer portion displaying ‘-20°C’, the oven portion displaying ‘220°C’. It wasn’t rocket science, but previously they had been over-complicating the messaging. Often, the simplest and easiest-to-understand concepts are the most powerful.

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Evergreen Garden Care

create an engaging catalogue while ensuring ease of use

We were tasked to design a range of creative concepts that would revolutionise the visual identity of the trade catalogue while continuing to provide essential product knowledge. The trade catalogue’s ‘usability’ was key to commercial success. Clear sales signposting was added throughout the catalogue, making it easy for the retailer to follow the sales process and place an order. The sales team praised the catalogue as intuitive, easy-to-use and hugely beneficial to them in their sales discussions with their trade customers.

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Clever ideas to maximise budget

With budgets becoming increasingly tight (now more so than ever), it’s important to get the most bang for your buck. Working closely with the Evergreen team, we were able to creatively utilise their budget. We created a series of multiple training videos for the trade, product photography and consumer-facing content for use online and on social media.

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How to be seen in a crowded marketplace

When creating video content for digital technologies, it’s hard to avoid clichés. That’s why so many technology company videos end up looking the same. We took a bold approach using visual metaphors to bring a complex subject to life, making Amdocs stand out from the competition.

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Revitalise online listings to increase sales

Despite having product listings on Amazon for over two years, the sales of Slice’s products remained flat. Slice approached us, making the most of our expertise in online retail, to maximise their sales potential. In the first 12 months of managing their Amazon portfolio, sales increased by a whopping 1000%.

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