Why the dragonfly?

A few years ago when we were designing a logo that helped define the WrightObara brand, we considered many options. We had a check-list of brand attributes and a sense of the type of company we were and how we wanted to be portrayed.

After a number of ideas we settled on the dragonfly you see today. But what has a dragonfly got to do with world-class creative marketing communications? It’s all to do with how the skills and traits a dragonfly exhibits can be applied to the way we operate as a business.

servInfNimIf you’ve ever watched a dragonfly buzzing around the edge of pond, you’ll have no doubt marvelled at its amazing aeronautic ability. For the dragonfly can move at an incredible 45 miles per hour, it can fly from side to side, straight up and down like a jump-jet, backwards like a hummingbird, and hover like a helicopter.

The dragonfly has an innate ability to move in all six directions in an instant. And while hovering to assess its next move, it exudes a sense of power and poise uncharacteristic in most other insects. Incredibly, the dragonfly completes these acrobatic feats while flapping its wings a mere 30 times per minute, compared to a mosquito or house fly that have to move theirs 600 and 1,000 times per minute respectively. This graceful dance belies the complexity of its achievements, evoking a sense wisdom and maturity.

As an interesting footnote to this post, the dragonfly is revered as an important symbol in cultures around the world. Notably in Japan, the dragonfly represents courage and joy – values which we at WrightObara are very happy to be associated with.

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