The brief...

Communicating an Abstract Concept

Amdocs required a creative campaign to help segment their Big Data Analytics business unit. This theme would run throughout the year and any communications from the business unit would be distinguished by visual elements of the campaign. Central to the campaign would be an engaging video which could be used in a number of settings, such as in presentations, at exhibitions and online.

The process...

From raindrops to oceans

We wanted to produce a campaign that stood out from the competition and so looked at visual metaphors we could use to describe Big Data. Large data repositories are known as “Data Lakes” and this sparked the idea of using water in all its forms as a metaphor for data. The campaign required a number of pieces of collateral including video, print and digital ads, presentation and document templates, a microsite and event graphics.

The result...


The whole campaign has been really successful, we even created a video specifically for a roadshow between Amdocs and Hortonworks (whose logo is an elephant). With some 3D wizardry, our skilled team were able to convincingly recreate an elephant swimming underwater, resulting in a memorable show opening video.

We’ve even extended the campaign with a video using surfing to illustrate how businesses can harness the power of big data.

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