The brief...


Like most businesses these days, the marketing budgets for Miracle-Gro were under tremendous pressure. The team had a long list of objectives they wanted to deliver, but were struggling to find the budgets to achieve all of them. Seeing the full picture enabled WrightObara to creatively apportion budgets in order to deliver assets that could be used across a number of projects, whilst retaining high production values.

The process...


Central to the delivery was a combined video and photography shoot. The key to making the most of this time was in the preparation. Tight scripts and storyboards enabled on-set time to be managed effectively to deliver a raft of creative assets including a series of multiple training videos for the trade, product photography and consumer-facing content for use online and on social media.

The result...

Blooming Marvellous

We’ve seen spectacular results from the campaigns we’ve created. Many of the films that we produced have been included in the brand’s garden centre training academy, and we’re delighted that this platform has won awards for the quality of this training material. In addition to this trade-facing material, we have also produced over 80 consumer videos for use online and in social media as well as hundreds of product photographs which appear in print and online.

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